The shift-left platform for mobile development

Automatically catch and address app quality issues in CI.

Performance  •  Memory  •  App Size  •  Security

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"Historically, our team has relied on manual processes for finding performance issues during development. Our integration with has allowed us to ‘shift-left’ by automatically finding and addressing quality issues before we ship products. As our team continues to grow, we’ll be able to focus more on building rather than chasing down problems in production."

The Platform is the only platform that allows you to confidently catch and address app quality issues before releasing to production. Integrate analyses into CI to prevent any regressions from landing into your codebase.
$ git push origin my-feature
Analyze every change for app quality regressions
Analyze every commit in CI to prevent performance regressions, memory leaks, app size increases, and security vulnerabilities.
Root cause and address issues
Investigate app quality problems in the console. Leverage industry-leading root cause analysis tooling to debug issues.
Track long-term app quality trends
Monitor the health of your application in the console. Track app quality trends and identify areas for optimization.
Shift-left on mobile app quality
If you're an engineer or engineering leader looking to improve and maintain mobile app quality at your company, we'd love to work with you!
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