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"Historically, our team has relied on manual processes for finding performance issues during development. Our integration with has allowed us to ‘shift-left’ by automatically finding and addressing quality issues before we ship products. As our team continues to grow, we’ll be able to focus more on building rather than chasing down problems in production."

Our Platform provides a pre-production workflow to deliver high-quality mobile applications. Our platform allows teams to automatically detect and address problems before you release. This proactive approach saves countless engineering hours and empowers you to confidently ship the best version of your mobile app to your users.

Industry-leading benchmark consistency.
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Best-in-class debugging tooling.
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Fast turnaround times so you can test every code change.
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Automatically detect and root cause performance issues in CI.

Test every code change to ensure you're shipping the best version of your app to your users.


Debug performance issues with our performance debugging emulator.

Our method tracing instrumentation is 100x more precise compared to standard tooling.

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