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Despite the impressive advancements in mobile technology, apps today are still plagued by 1-star reviews, users suffer from basic mobile app quality issues, and companies rely on outdated reactive strategies to address these problems. At mobile.dev, we are setting a new standard for mobile development, empowering all companies to deliver high-quality mobile applications.

Leland Takamine

As the previous Tech Lead of Uber's Mobile Platform Team, Leland led the development of internal platforms and tooling to address the difficulties of modern mobile application development. Knowing that all companies deserve access to effective mobile development tooling, he made it his mission to bring those learnings to the masses.

Jake Krupski

Jake has been a career-long sales and GTM expert, working at leading tech companies like Google and IBM. His passion has always been working alongside his customers, understanding their biggest challenges, and finding solutions. After seeing the magnitude of the challenges companies face building high-quality mobile applications, he knew he could make a difference in bringing better solutions to the market.

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